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Where it all began

A little information about the founder of Restaway. Jason Cluff moved to Liverpool and started working in the property sector, he found true happiness with starting business relationships and helping corporate businesses with their accomodation needs.

Figuring he could bring a more personal approach to the market. Restaway was born in 2017 from his small apartment overlooking the river Mersey.

Coming from a small town in Northern Ireland. Jason found himself eagerly getting involved with corporate business and showing them that the personal approach is the best way when booking accommodation.

With his previous education in engineering he has a strong connection and understanding with the market as well as knowing what a company looks for whenever their working on various projects.

Trust & Credibility


Personal touch

Service Excellence

Jason forged great relationships with clients as well as being able to have a relationship with many properties across the whole of the UK and Ireland.

So what can you expect from us?

You can except a readily available service, ready to tackle any of your travel objectives to get you the best property in the best location at the right price.

Business based On integrity

How booking Serviced Apartments with Restaway could benefit you?

We provide a transparent personal management service that means all areas are covered. From start to finish we want you to be happy. We pride ourselves on working on a one to one basis with each of our clients in order to give them the best solution for all of their corporate accommodation needs, such as bed arrangements, check in meet and greets and broken or unbroken stays.


Once you have booked with Restaway you won’t have to worry about one thing as we fully manage the entire accommodation process from start to finish and we can assure you that we respond to ever need our clients have.

Complete Care

Complete Service

Unrivaled Service

Here at Restaway we offer a complete personalised service, tailored to every individual client.

At restaway we focus on providing properties that are geared towards the leisure market too.

98% Customer Satisfaction